Hongfire lolicon is illegal

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Hongfire is one of the biggest pedophilia sites on the net now days, since early 2001. If you have a child or a teenage who browse such site, don’t make him visit it. hongfire.com is filled with sicko pedos, for more information visit vbulletin Hongfire is about lolicon material which is really sick underage material that have sex with adult, whether it is a video or a book containing underage images. Hongfire never removes such material, in fact they allows it till now days 2009 and argues that it is legal. He harms all the underage and teenager’s eyes by exposing and allowing such materials.

Imaging the first time a teenager or an underage  male or female Google for  the word “Anime” then hongfire.com comes up in the search engine and later he or she gets exposed to lolicon material. The damage is already done to the child.

Hongfire refuses to remove lolicon from his site

Firstly there was a complaint from a Child Welfare Group in the US. and I contacted the license owner and asked for the child abuse pictures to be removed. User refused.
I spoke to the Business Manager at vB and he too felt Jelsoft should not be associated with child abuse even animated. (chained kids and young girls being abused with foreign objects etc. is not normal)

Then I asked the user to find new forum software as a refund would be given if the items were not removed.

User ignored request and responded to the effect that we in the UK should not try to force UK law on US citizens.

License revoked under AUP, refund given and network asked to suspend use.

Cry foul if you wish but this is the first time I have encountered this sort of material and I am going to call in some favours from my contacts who I am sure will be very interested in taking a closer look.

I could have revoked the license, not refunded the money and had the license deleted with no dialogue as the AUP of a product is far more powerful than any Law and the owners decision is final.

Children need someone looking out for them and I am not asking for anyones’ permission.

No further comment.

Laws have been enacted to criminalize “obscene images of children, no matter how they are made,” for preventing abuse.[34] An argument is that obscene fictional images portray children as sex objects, thereby contributing to child sexual abuse. This argument has been disputed by the claim that there is no scientific basis for that connection,[35] and that restricting sexual expression in drawings or animated games and videos might actually increase the rate of sexual crime by eliminating a harmless outlet for desires that could motivate crime.[9] This is exemplified in a case involving a man from Virginia who asserted at his arrest that after viewing lolicon at a public library, he had quit collecting real child pornography and switched to lolicon.

Hongfire does not have a clear TOS nor are they warning their visitor that they allow their members to distribute  lolicon materials or rappist hentai games and such. They never ban these kind of materials.

Lolicon material Just one example

Sample material from the following topic

Chimi Anal

enjeru V08

Hongfire Debating and Defending lolicon content with a UK Lawyer

Secure yourself  and your child from these sites.

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